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Classroom Volunteers

Our students at Gant succeed due to everyone in our community working together.  Parents are a critical piece of this partnership and we seek to involve YOU in many different ways!  We understand many of you are also very busy in your professional lives, which may make volunteering difficult, but involvement can come in many forms.  If you have an idea or seek to understand elements of our school, please feel free to come in to the school office, call on the phone, or send an email.  We will do our best to contact you within 48 hours.  Our school telephone number is (562) 430-3384.


We encourage parents to be involved in the education of their children. Parents may arrange volunteer opportunities with the teacher once their Volunteers in Public Schools (VIPS) application has been approved.

Applications are done on-line through THIS Google Form.  When they are complete, Kristen Speir will contact you and let you know that your VIP's badge is here and ready to go. 

Returning VIPS must have a valid-clear TB Test on file. VIPS with an expired TB Test may not volunteer until a new clear TB Test is on file at the district and school office. VIPs applications and TB tests are valid for 4 years.