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Dress Code

Academic Attire for Students 

All LBUSD K-8 schools require that students follow a uniform clothes policy. Please read our guidelines so that you will be fully aware of what is and is not acceptable in student dress Gant Elementary. Students are expected to be dressed in the appropriate uniform daily. 





(Solid colors)

      Colors: Red , Navy or White

             T-shirts  (Gant or plain)

             Collared shirts        


      ***Any Gant t-shirt

***Solid red or blue dresses are acceptable

*Special Spirit Days will be announced in advance

Gant t-shirts from any event can be worn any day!


(solid colors)

NAVY Blue – Plain/solid colors ONLY, corduroy is acceptable

(Dark denim free of holes or tears only, Navy sweatpants, Navy basketball shorts, no short shorts )

Leggings-If worn as pants, MUST be navy blue (if worn under a dress or skirt, they can be a pattern or color)


(solid colors)

Red, Navy Blue or White Sweaters, Sweatshirts are preferred


Any color jacket, winter coat or raincoat is acceptable when weather requires them.


Sun protective hats may be worn outdoors to protect against skin cancer under Senate Bill 310.

Baseball caps may also be worn to limit sun exposure.  Caps must be worn with the bill facing forward and removed when in buildings.


Closed footwear that covers the entire foot must be worn for safety reasons. Open sandals, high-heeled shoes, slipper-type shoes, and thongs are hazardous on the school playground and are not appropriate for school. Crocs are not safe for school.